• 1599 high school students from 1st to 4th grade from Montenegro participated in the research aimed at understanding youth opinion about sexuality, sexual orientation, partner relationships and representation of these topics in teaching, attitudes towards respecting the human rights of sexual minorities, as well as understanding the factors that influence the attitude, thinking and behavior towards diversity. Fotolia 41883685 M
  • The survey used a stratified two-stage sample of first, second, third and fourth grade secondary school students in Montenegro.
  • The sample was chosen to provide statistically reliable estimates at the level of Montenegro as a whole.
  • The sample selection was carried out in two stages. 32 high schools were selected in the first stage. The sample frame, a list of all secondary schools in Montenegro, is provided by the Ministry of Education in the Government of Montenegro. After selecting the schools, and in the second stage of the selection, the departments in which the research will be conducted were chosen within each school. The interview was conducted with all the students present in the selected class on the day of the interview. Special attention was paid to providing anonymity to students who participated in the survey.
  • Since attending secondary school in Montenegro is not obligatory, some young people have not continued their education after completing compulsory elementary education. Also, some students are still in elementary school because of their late schooling or repetition. For these reasons, the results obtained are not representative for all young people in Montenegro aged 14-19, but for young students of secondary schools regardless of their age.
  • Information was collected through a self-assessment questionnaire distributed to students in the selected classes. Data collection was carried out by trained Juventus interviewers. Students in the classrooms anonymously answered questions in the same conditions as when taking a written test. During the survey, conditions were provided to preserve the complete anonymity of the respondents.

 You can download research results in our language here. You can download the English version of the research results here.