For the fifth year in a row, NGO Juventas celebrates May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The results of the survey conducted among high school students from Montenegro on attitudes related to sexuality, sexual orientation and partnerships were presented at the press conference.

The conference was addressed by: Ivana Vujovic – NGO Juventas Board of Director President, Su Kay Braun - United States Ambassador to Montenegro, Danijel Kalezic - NGO Juventas Project Coordinator, and Tamara Milic - Assistant Minister of Education and Science in Montenegro.

The survey was conducted from April to May among 1,599 students of all grades in 32 high schools in Montenegro. According to the research, even 44.2% of students would not accept their closest school friend if they found out they were members of the LGBT population. A member of the family of a different sexual orientation would not be accepted by 54% of the students, while a relative would not be accepted by almost half of the high school students. One fourth of the students involved in this study believe that children who have contact with LGBT people will become part of that population. 49.5% of high school students said that they could talk about sexuality, sexual orientation, and partnerships at school, while 39.3% of them are not happy with the information they receive at school about these topics. Nevertheless, 61.4% of students would not want to participate in workshops and seminars dealing with the sexuality. A low level of acceptance of LGBT people is especially concerning, as 44.2% of respondents said they would not accept their closest school friend if they were members of the LGBT population.

Juventas has implemented the project “We teach non-discrimination” in 10 high schools to raise the awareness of young people. This project was developed as the idea of creating a safe and tolerant environment for all students, with a special focus on respect for diversity and building tolerance when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity. The starting point for the project was Juventas’ 2010 survey results that showed a high level of negative attitude and homophobia focused on people of different sexual orientation. This project also relies on the draft National Action Plan against Homophobia in 2011, and the Strategy for Improving the Position of LGBT People whose creation and adoption was initiated by Juventas and its partners.

You can download the Agenda Press Conference here.