A research conducted in Montenegro shows a disturbing fact that the majority of parents would consider themselves a failure if they  learnt that their child is not heterosexual. In most cases, families with LGBT members do not show understanding and do not provide the necessary support. A generally expressed attitude of majority about illegitimacy of sexual identity which is different from heterosexual is transferred to the family and leads to its reduced functionality. While LGBT people face the problem  of not being accepted by their family, the family meets with the same type of rejection and discrediting by the wider community.

The lack of psycho-social support for families with LGBT members leads to the insufficient treatment of  the consequences of homophobia, which are faced by all members of a family. The project  “Supporting family, healthy children” was implemented with the main goal to provide more favourable conditions for overall existence and complete social acceptance of people with different sexual orientation and gender identity. Specific goals of the programme include increasing the level of acceptance and support to LGBT people by their families, as well as raising awareness of the general public on the importance of the family support in the life of LGBT people.

The project was implemented in 2014.

During the implementation of the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Establishing a website as a reference information portal regarding family issues for LGBT people. Under the plan established by the project, creating the content of  the website includes two components: a) informative and promotional, and b) educational component. Within informative and promotional component, a website serves to promote the project, its activities and most importantly to promote products  or achieved results. This component receives its multiplying effect on social networks, such as facebook and twitter, which are associated with the website and its content.

  • Creating and implementing a campaign aimed at families: The primary objective of this  activity is to inform and empower parents, primarily in terms of a wide range of emotions and questions which in many cases may arise when family finds out about sexual orientation different from heterosexual and gender identity  of their closest family member. A sub-activity that has been chosen as the most appropriate in order to meet the stated goal is organizing a panel discussion, entitled “Supporting family, healthy children”' for parents, or for all interested in a general community, where the importance of the role of the family in the lives of LGBT people was discussed. For the first time parents of LGBT children spoke in public, in front of  cameras, about acceptance, problematic questions related to sexuality of a child, as well as the manner in which they deal with the same issues.



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