Due to the lack of basic indicators related to the planning and monitoring of the project activities, Juventas and its partner organization Centre for Monitoring and Research – CEMI, developed a study related to LGBT issues. This study provided an insight into the situation in Montenegro and set the foundation for all future research in the field of human rights of LGBT people. The study is comprehensive and includes:

  • examination of perception of homosexuality and the rights of sexual minorities in the general population in Montenegro (1049 participants from all over Montenegro);
  • examination of perception of the position of sexual minorities, through in-depth interviews with LGBT people (prepared and carried out two rounds of in-depth interviews with 20 LGBT people);
  • examination of perception of homosexuality and rights of sexual minorities among professionals through in-depth interviews (prepared and carried out 21 interviews with people, staff in the public sector and the media);
  • conducting the analysis of Montenegrin legal framework related to the human rights of LGBT people;
  • Media monitoring.

A published study “No more, no less. Equal rights for all. Analysis of the position of human rights of LGBT people in Montenegro” is available on the following link.