It is the first time in Montenegro that a coalition was established at the national level with the aim of promoting the realization of the rights of sexual minorities.

Prior to the creation of a coalition “Together for LGBT Rights”, a number of activities were carried out, including:

  • over 90 meetings with non-governmental organizations, state institutions, media and political parties from all over Montenegro in order to recruit members of the coalition, and
  • 5 regional meetings (Kotor, Niksic, Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja and Berane) with local NGOs, representatives of local self-government, institutions and interested citizens.

After months of informing the civil and government sector about the project, its goals, goals of the coalition and its membership, “Together for LGBT Rights” today has 28 members, representatives of NGOs and institutions relevant in the field of human rights promotion.

From its establishment until the end of the project, members of the coalition participated in the training for writing policy briefs, but also paid a study visit to organizations and institutions dealing with human rights of LGBT people in Serbia. Valuable experience in this area, understanding rights as an important precondition for achieving better quality of life of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Montenegro, as well as additional education inspired members of the coalition “Together for LGBT Rights” to make a great number of initiatives related to violations of rights and discrimination. It is important to mention the proactive role of all organizations and institutions in creating the campaign “No less, no more. The same rights for all!”, and special attention should be paid to the main product of the coalition, i.e. Action Plan for Fight against Homophobia. Implementing LGBT rights advocacy and policy change is the first concrete step taken in Montenegro with the ultimate goal of long-term improvement of LGBT people’s position. The National Action Plan has proposed not only concrete measures and activities to reduce homophobia in the state, but also those responsible for their implementation, and thus represented a strategic framework for meeting the needs of LGBT people in various areas.

Important activities that preceded the development of the Action Plan for Fight against Homophobia implied:

  • Round table “No less or no more. The same rights for all”, and
  • The National Conference “Montenegro - a bright spot on the gay map”.

The final activity of the project “Montenegro – a bright spot on the gay map”, as well as the activity that followed the creation of the final draft of the Action Plan for Fight against Homophobia was the preparation and implementation of a round table called “The Action Plan for the Fight against Homophobia”. This round table was held on 7 April 2011, and its main goal was discussion about and lobbying for the topic of the created document.