In December 2009, NGO Juventas, in partnership with the Centre for Monitoring and Research  (CeMI) from Podgorica, launched the project “Montenegro - a bright spot on the gay map”,  aiming at promoting and supporting human rights of LGBT people in Montenegro.

The project was implemented in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The goals of the project entailed the promotion and support of activities against discrimination  of LGBT people in Montenegro, as well as provision of compensation for the violations of  human rights.

The project beneficiaries were LGBT persons in Montenegro, while the target group also  included LGBT activists, the general community, government institutions (including  professionals and service providers), as well as non-governmental organizations, political  parties and the media.

Our partners on the project were the Institute of Public Health in Podgorica, NGO Forum MNE, NGO CAZAS, NGO SOS Podgorica, and UNAIDS.