The implementation of anti-discrimination campaign that Juventas has recently conducted among medical workers is in progress. Billboards, which can be seen in Podgorica, contain the following message: “The real doctor will always provide assistance for everyone“, as well as “Stop violence and discrimination against LGBT people in health!”. The main goal of the first campaign among medical workers is to raise awareness on the diversity which they encounter on a daily basis due to the nature of their work.

Special emphasis is put on the fact that this and every other diversity should not be a basis for discrimination, and that we are all equal in achieving the right to a quality health care. Beside billboards, the campaign includes the creation and distribution of manuals for medical workers who work with LGBT people (the creation is in progress), meetings with decision-makers, monitoring violations of the rights of patients due to their sexual orientation or gender identity, and distribution of posters, postcards and leaflets through medical facilities across Montenegro.

The Guidebook for good practice for medical workers in treating LGBT people was created as a response to the established attitudes and prejudice against LGBT people. The authors of the Guidebook are doctors of medicine Milena Popović and Tea Dakić, as well as Jelena Čolaković, Director of Human Rights Programme in Juventas.

This Guidebook was developed with the support of the British Embassy in Podgorica, and is intended for interested medical workers who want to learn more about different sexual orientations and gender identities -throughout history until now, about basic concepts, identities, common prejudice and misconceptions about LGBT community.