The campaign “No more, no less. Equal rights for all” is one of the activities carried out by Juventas during 2010. 

ni manje ni vise ista prava za sve slikaThe main goal of this campaign was to raise awareness of LGBT people’s human rights and their existence in Montenegro. In addition to the demands for equal rights of LGBT people and heterosexual majority, we wanted to break the stereotype that the protection of human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons represents a demand for special rights. 

Precisely for this reason, the focus of this campaign is on requesting equal, rather than special rights for everyone. The campaign was inspired by the maxim of the French philosopher Renee Descartes: “I think, therefore, I am”. In addition to the slogan itself, the text of some of the campaign’s elements intended for the general population is: “I think...I work...I speak... I dream...I create...I love, therefore I exist”.

This personal approach to communication with the general population resulted in the involvement of LGBT people in the development and design of the campaign, as well as the production of the video.