The first campaign that marked the World Anti-Homophobia Day in Montenegro was held in 2009 under the title “So Different and yet Equal”.

The main goal of the first campaign was to introduce sexual orientation through a list of characteristics  that can make us different compared to another human being.The focus was that this diversity, like any other, should not be the basis for violence or discrimination (because it is essential as well as eye color diversity) and that we all have equal rights gained at birth.

These rights defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been confirmed by the Constitution of Montenegro, which every citizen of our country obliges to respect. We are particularly proud of the fact that LGBT people participated in the process of creating the 2009 campaign.

Beside slogan “So different and yet equal” the accompanying text of the campaign elements was:

So different: 

  • hair color and eyes
  • skin tone
  • faith
  • nation
  • sexual orientation
  • the music we listen to
  • the food we eat
  • the colors we like
  • the books we read
  • the city we come from
  • the places we go to
  • the nicknames we have
  • way of dressing
  • memories ...


and yet the same.