One of the activities under the project “Enjoying European values for young people” is the campaign on the occasion of 9th May of Europe Day. The Campaign was implemented in all Montenegrin municipalities in order to promote European values among young people in Montenegro. Large campaigns were realized in the north of Montenegro (Pljevlja), in the south (Budva) and in the central part of Montenegro (Podgorica). In addition, in each Montenegrin municipality, public debates were held on various topics related to the European Union.

During the campaign, the values of peace, democracy, freedom, justice, respect for human rights, equality, tolerance, solidarity, sustainability, active participation, social cohesion, the rule of law have been promoted during the campaign.

As part of the celebration campaign on 9th May, i.e. “The Europe Day”, a large number of brochures titled “With True Values ​​in the EU” was distributed. A video clip and radio jingle were created in the same project. The process from creating the visual identity of the project to determining the content of the brochure itself, involved a large number of young people, mostly high school students from all over Montenegro.

Everything started at the regular meeting of the Volunteer Center Juventas when the project and planned activities were presented to the participants. Our volunteers immediately showed their creativity and a great number of ideas for the logo and slogan were created. A motive of a dragon with symbolic colors and a slogan “With True Values ​​in the EU” turned out to be an ideal solution. Using the brainstorming method, together we came up with the values ​​that can be found in the brochure. The volunteers themselves recognized the stated values as those promoted in the European Union, and at the same time necessary for the further successful development of Montenegro. The choice came down to: freedom, democracy, tolerance, rule of law, solidarity, justice, respect for human rights, sustainability, social cohesion, equality and active participation.

When values ​​were selected, it was necessary to see how our youth understand them, what they think about and how important they are to them. In all Montenegrin municipalities, workshops were held where high school students discussed their understanding of these values, their role in society, as well as the ways of achieving them. The result of the numerous workshops attended by over 100 high school students is a brochure with 26 definitions whose authors are young people from all three Montenegrin regions. A video and a radio jingle were made on the basis of the information gathered and the results of the workshops with high school students. The conclusion is that all those to whom the project is intended were involved in the entire process of creation of the products.



Europe Day in Pljevlja is marked by the NGO Bonum from Pljevlja. The program was held at the Army House and gathered 400 elementary and secondary school students. Participants were: Tamburitza Orchestra “Youth Cultural Center”, Folk ensemble Cultural Associations “Kolo”, hip-hop group “Čuvari kraja” and group “Megapolis”. A number of individual performers and reciters also took part in the celebration of the Europe Day. In order for this diverse program to be complete, italso covered literary works. It is especially important that about 20 volunteers participated in the preparation of the celebration.

In Budva, the celebration of Europe Day began with a soccer match between students and professors of the Mixed Secondary School “Danilo Kiš”. In the evening, an art workshop on the theme “Enjoying European values for young people” was held at the Modern Gallery. There was also a public debate in front of about 300 visitors on the topic “Montenegro should enter the European Union” and then on “Youth and European values”. These activities were broadcast by local and national media.

On the occasion of the 9th May, i.e. the “Europe Day”, with the aim of promoting European values, a large public campaign was organized to promote the values of peace, democracy, freedom, justice, respect for human rights, equality, tolerance, solidarity, sustainability, active participation, social cohesion and the rule of law.

The Europe Day in Podgorica was marked by the following events:

  • Basketball tournament
  • Fun and Art Program
  • Public debate.

A large number of volunteers participated in the implementation of the activities, while the event itself included at least 600 young people.


~ Entertainment and art program ~

An entertainment and art program was held on the plateau of the bookstore “Karver”. The program was opened by the “Alegro” ballet group with an interactive choreography on the theme of Ode to joy, the official anthem of the European Union. The importance of the Europe Day was highlighted by: State Secretary for European Integration Slavica Milačič, representative of the Directorate for Youth and Sport at the Ministry of Education and Sports Bojana Bulatović and the President of the Board of Juventas Ivana Vujović. A particularly interesting part of the program were symbolic puzzles whose pieces were made by the visitors themselves, answering questions related to the European Union and European values.

The most successful ones were awarded by handmade jewelry inspired by European values. The visitors were also excited by the concert of young Montenegrin bands. The concert was opened by a very interesting high school band “They killed Kenny”, which was followed by a popular band “Protocol”. The excitement grew with the performance of the band “ShinEi's” and it culminated with the last band “Jenny Blempro”.


The young people who have participated in the campaign drew Montenegro as a kite who already has European colors and goes to the European Union with true values. Based on the ideas of high school students from all Montenegrin cities, materials were created that were divided during the campaign. They can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Finally, we would like to thank all Juventas’s volunteers, as well as the debaters of their dedication, but also all other young people who have unselfishly given their time and creativity to this campaign, making it unique and unrepeatable.


~ Basketball Tournament for Europe Day 2011 ~

In the morning, a basketball tournament of pupils of Podgorica high schools and volunteers of youth organizations was held in the sports hall of the Grammar School “Slobodan Škerović” in order to promote a game that respects the agreed rules. The realization of this tournament would not be possible without the unselfish help of the Sports Union of the University of Montenegro. The tournament was marked by a nice gathering and a competition in the spirit of fair play. The victory was taken by the host team, Grammar School “Slobodan Škerović”.