In February 2011, in cooperation with Centre for Monitoring and NGO Bonum from Pljevlja, Juventas started the implementation of the project “Enjoying European values for young people”, which was financed by the Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro.

The project was co-financed by the Commission for allocation of part of the revenues from games of chance 2011 and implemented between 15th January and 15th May 2011.

The objectives of this project are to increase the contribution of the civil sector working with young people in the process of European integration, as well as to contribute to the promotion of the European integration process among youth in Montenegro.

Target groups are: high school students, university students, parents, youth and non-governmental youth organizations, citizens of Montenegro, while end users are: young people, high schools and universities, parents, youth and non-governmental youth organizations, citizens.


The implementation of the planned activities within the project is expected to have the following results:


  1. Raised awareness of young people in Montenegro on the European integration process
  2. Improved conditions for active participation of young people in the society
  3. Active knowledge of students of secondary vocational schools in Montenegro on the European integration process
  4. Enhanced capacities of student and youth organizations in the fields of research and analysis of the implementation of practical public policies
  5. Higher level of youth awareness in Montenegro about opportunities for mobility of young people


You will be regularly informed on these pages about many activities that will primarily involve young people in Montenegro.