With the view to implementing the project “Strengthening personal integrity of young people” in line with the plan and in a quality manner, the project team selected the secondary schools in which the project will be implemented, in order to sign memorandum of cooperation them.

The signing of the memorandum of cooperation is aimed at obliging the signatories of this document to fulfill the main goal of the project - improving the personal integrity of young people in Montenegro from age 14 to 18, as well as increasing their readiness to report corruptive acts and to act in accordance with the law. The selected schools and the project team of Juventas are planning to achieve this goal by raising awareness of young people about the importance of preventing corruption through interactive workshops, as well as through affirmation of extracurricular activities through continuous work on the development and implementation of activities aimed at improving the student standard.


Memorandums of cooperation were signed with:

  • Secondary School for Geodesy and Civil Engineering “Ing. Marko Radević”,
  • Secondary School of Economics “Mirko Vesovic”,
  • Secondary Electrotecnical School “Vaso Aligrudic”,
  • Grammar School “25. Maj” from Tuzi,
  • Secondary Medical School, and
  • Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering “Ivan Uskoković”.


After signing the Memorandum of Cooperation, the implementation of theater workshops on the topic “Corruption in Education” started all the mentioned schools.