Strengthening the capacity of student parliaments is a project funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation. It is being implemented in Podgorica, Tuzi, Pljevlja and Ulcinj.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of student parliaments, especially in four high schools in Montenegro:

  • Secondary School of Economics “Mirko Vešović” from Podgorica;
  • Grammar School “25. maj” from Tuzi;
  • Secondary School “Bratstvo jedinstva” from Ulcinj;
  • Grammar School “Tanasije Pejatović” from Pljevlja.

Student parliaments represent a mechanism for encouraging active participation of young people. Every primary and secondary school in Montenegro could have a functional student parliament which carries out activities that contribute to better and more pleasant school work, solidarity, achieving standards of equal opportunities and better designing the student’s time in school.

However, an active student parliament is not yet a Montenegrin standard, and it is necessary to strengthen the capacities of the parliaments and to influence the employees in the school to recognize this important social potential to support the improvement of the current situation in the local community. It is necessary to achieve mutual trust between students, school management and teaching staff. It is also necessary to point out models of activation of young people, and to use specific activities to motivate future generations to get involved, use their possibilities and the joy of team work that gives concrete contribution to the community in which they grow up.

We will start the project by bringing together the teams in these four high schools that will propose, comment, engage, start, realize, support, beautify, empower...