On October 24th, the General Assembly of the UNSCG started working in Budva. The governing bodies of the UNSCG, the most reputable institutions of the system and NGO Juventas as the main applicant spoke at the opening.

Student parliaments can be a powerful incentive for the overall development of society, primarily through the impact on higher-quality teaching and student-teacher relations in the school, said the Director General for general, specialized and adult education, Veljko Tomic.

Today, at the First General Assembly of the Union of High School Students of Montenegro, he emphasized the right of this population to participate in student parliaments.

“What I would like to see is that all student parliaments participate in the work of professional school authorities when discussing issues of concern, such as student standards and extracurricular activities”, Tomic said in Becici.

He believes that it is very important that high school students strengthen the democratic capacities of young people in Montenegro and encourage their active participation in the society.

“That’s where I see your role as a national, umbrella organization composed of student parlementaires from all high schools in the country”, Tomic said.

The Executive Director of the NGO Juventas Ivana Vujovic, reminded that this organization has been recognizing student parliaments and the Union of High School Students of Montenegro as an important aspect of student activism since 2006.

She explained that within a regional project during 2010/11, a group of high school students established the Union of High School Students of Montenegro in 2011, and that this organization formed a new leadership in March this year. Support for the work of the Union was provided by the organization SHL (SchülerHelfenLeben) from Berlin, whose funds are collected primarily through the engagement of high school students.

Vujovic told high school representatives that they must be aware of those who elected them to that position.

The president of the Union of High School Students of Montenegro Board of Directors, Jovan Bojovic, said that the organization has achieved many noteworthy results in the past eight months, in terms of its formal presence.

“We can say that we are the largest youth organization in Montenegro at this time. No organization has achieved such results in such a short time, not only in Montenegro, but also beyond. It is very important that we keep on with such continuity, because we have an important link between high school, community and society as a whole”.

Acting Director of the Institute for Education Radovan Popovic recalled that in 2004 there was a reform of education in Montenegro, with the introduction of a nine-year elementary school.

He emphasized that education is a complex system, and that no country is satisfied with the education system.

The director of the Examination Center Dragana Dmitrovic, said that the introduction of the final and specialized examination was set as an important task for Montenegrin education.

“The leading concept was that external exams should serve to define clear outcomes of education, in a way that transforms the goals of education”, she said.

Dmitrovic said that the standards and goals were set at the national level, explaining that in addition to daily internal trust, an external change of knowledge is needed, which is “the role of the Examination Center”.

President of the Union of High School Students of Montenegro Assembly Milic Dujovic, assessed that the position of high school students is very important in the educational system of Montenegro.

“The quality of our state in the futre depends on the high school students in present. In fact, high school students and what we choose in high school will have a serious impact in our country”, he said.