NGO Juventas and the Union of High School Students of Montenegro organized a four-day training (1 May 2015 – 4 May 2015) in the ethno village of Montenegro near Pluzine, on the topic “Strategic planning”, within the project “High school attitude”.

The participants of the training were members of the Union of High School Students of Montenegro: Jovan Bojovic (president of the Board); Andrea Micanovic (PR of the Board), Filip Radojevic (member of the Board in charge of international cooperation); Edina Babajic (member of the Board responsible for fundraising); Mican Andrijasevic (local coordinator for the southern region); Radosav Razic (local coordinator for the central region); Andjela Sesevic (local coordinator for the northern region); Amir Sulovic (secretary general); Milic Dujovic (president of the general assembly); Ivana Zoric (vice-president of the general assembly); Elma Radoncic (secretary general of the general assembly), as well as members of the expanded composition of the Union Council of the High School of Montenegro Ana Marija Coric, Kristina Dedic and Arlinda Osmanovic.

The training was coordinated by: Ivana Vujovic, Aleksandra Gligorovic, Lazar Bulic from the Union of High School Students and Lena Groh Trautmann representing Schüler Halfen Leben from Germany.

During the first day of the training, the participants and the trainers Ivana Vujovic and Aleksandra Gligorovic discussed the topic “Strategic planning” and agreed on the vision and mission of the organization. Divided into groups, the participants defined sub-goals of the given goals and made a gradual structure of their realization.

On the second day of the training, Lazar Bulic from the Union of High School Students and Lena Groh Trautmann joined the original coaching team. In co-operation with the participants, they worked on SWOT analysis, identification of problem areas as well as defining strategic and operational goals. The second part of the day was dedicated to the organization SHL, the presentation of the SAME network, the way of functioning, as well as the possible ways of organizing the “Social Day”, the models that were applied in other organizations on this topic and thus gave an incentive to the Union of High School Students of Montenegro for implementation of similar actions”.

With the initiative of the participants, an initial plan was made for realization of the same event in Montenegro. Details about the period of action, potential employers and state institutions that would eventually support the maintenance of the same were agreed.

The third day of training was the most demanding since it was dedicated to the sustainability of the Union itself, as well as the steps needed to achieve that goal. The topics covered in this area concerned the budgeting and the financial plan of the organization, whose framework was drafted.

The structure of the development of the action and strategic plan were presented on the fourth day, when the training was officially over.