Visit paid by students of the Grammar School “Miloje Dobrasinovic” from Bijelo Polje to the Secondary Mixed School “Jablanica” from Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our team finally visited Jablanica, the municipality where our partner school is located.

We headed off on Tuesday morning. It was snowing like never before, but this did not stop us from paying a visit to our friends.

We arrived at noon and stayed at the hotel “Jablanica”. Lamija, Edin and Amna welcomed us with a smile on their face, while Kenan and Adis were at school. After a little rest they took as to a museum dedicated to the Battle of Neretva, where we enjoyed a small historical lecture by the curator of this museum. Then we met with the traditional objects of the area where our hosts live. After that, we visited a youth center. We can say that the youth from Jablanica have a rich and diverse cultural life. A visit to the local radio-television station is also something we will be happy to remember.

After such a fulfilling day, there was an evening gathering in the places that our peers gladly visit. The next day, we visited the school, which was the reason we came for. The director, professors and students threw a great reception. We talked with the school director about their experience, the work of the journalist section. He took us on a tour through the school, and then the representatives of the local television came. They took our statements in order that everyone in Jablanica could be familiar with what the young people did in a joint action. We must not forget the visit to JABLANICA Hydroelectric power plant, which makes Jablanica economically prosperous.

All in all, everything went great. We enjoyed every moment. We returned on Wednesday happy and grateful to our hosts.

Ksenija Baković IV-5


Visit paid by students of the Secondary Mixed School “Jablanica” from Jablanica to  the Grammar School “Miloje Dobrasinovic” from Bijelo Polje

Our school signed a partnership with the Grammar School from Jablanica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in May. The schools had the opportunity to be involved in the Juventas's “Youth in Joint Action” project, where the teams designated by these two schools participated in seminars in Petrovac and Jahorina for training in project writing. The aim of the project was that partner schools implement a joint project. Thus, the team of our school consisting of Asmir Pućurica, Ksenija Baković, Alen Ćatović, Tatjana Loktionov, Jelena Mrdović, Džana Kajević with mentor prof. Nikola Pajević on the one side, and  Lamija Tabak, Amna Kevrić, Edin Nezirić, Adisa Delagić and Kenan Klep on the other hand, started the joint implementation of the project “Đački list”. We have been working hard for half a year and the projects are slowly coming to an end. As foreseen by Juventas' project, the teams of these two schools went to visit each other.

Our team first went to Jablanica, a small and promising municipality on Neretva. Our hosts showed us everything that is significant for this municipality, the development of the youth and of course the reception in their school as a seal of our cooperation. On Sunday, 11th December 2011, we welcomed our associates from Jablanica. After admission to school, talks with director Milko Kovačević about our cooperation, getting to know our parliamentarians, school, we went on a tour of the city. We visited the house of Risto Ratković, the museum, the Dom kulture, religious buildings, and much more that makes our city interesting.

We will conclude that this is a great experience, a friendship that has accomplished something very valuable. The presentation of the project will be held at the press conference in Podgorica at the end of the month. Cooperation will continue in the future – as promised by directors and students of these two schools.

Ksenija Baković IV-5