Secondary Mixed School “Vuksan Đukić”, Mojkovac - Secondary School “Rogatica”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project title: In the case of the yard, many hands makes for light work


High school students from Mojkovac and Rogatica decided to organize the yards of their schools through this project, which will be a gift to their schools and future generations. As a part of the project, three working events were held in which pupils and teachers from the secondary school Vuksan Đukić and other citizens of Mojkovac took part, which indicates that the local community also recognized the efforts which these students have invested.

The first “work action” included the cleaning of the yard and collection of waste. The second and third actions were held in October and November 2011, and they included the planting of a one-year-old plants, and pruning existing trees and collecting leaves. The students also designed the look of the waste bins that will be placed in the school yard during the first spring days.

With this project, the students from Mojkovac showed that they don’t lack creativity and goodwill, so we hope that the winter months will be filled with equally successful actions of the student parliament.


 Secondary Mixed School “Braća Selić”, Kolašin - Secondary School “Mostar” Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project title: Repression of risky behavior of young people


Kolašin and Mostar high school students saw this project as a real opportunity to address what in their opinion represents one of the most serious problems among their peers - risky behavior. They considered that there are too many young people in Kolašin and Mostar who consume alcohol, cigarettes, and other psychoactive substances. Also, peer violence has been recognized as a serious problem. Because of this, they decided to draw their peers’ attention to potential dangers caused by this behavior and to all the benefits of healthy lifestyles, through the distribution of promotional material, public debates and discussions.

Three lectures were held under this project, and they were attended by around 100 students. It is important to note that the lectures were attended by students of the school of economics, and to highlight the cooperation with the prevention experts who also shared their knowledge with students. One lecture was attended by students from Jablanica who supported their friends from Kolašin. We hope that the Student Parliament of the Secondary Mixed School “Braća Selić” will continue to promote healthy lifestyles in the future.


Secondary Mixed School ''17. septembar'', Žabljak - Secondary School Center Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project title: Improving the cultural and artistic offerings of Žabljak and Foča


Thanks to their previous cooperation, high school students from Žabljak and Foča didn’t find it hard to agree on their joint activities. They decided to work on improving the cultural and artistic offerings of their cities.

In their opinion, there are many talented young people in Foča and Žabljak who do not have the opportunity to show their potential in the right way, so they decided to give them a chance through this project. In the course of a long preparatory period when all details of organizational nature were agreed, an exhibition of artworks by pupils of the school was held in Foča, while  the competition for "Golden Voice from Žabljak" was held in Žabljak within the traditional New Year Festival held by the school every year. This was a great opportunity for students to show their musical, dancing, and managerial abilities. Citizens from Žabljak again proved to be good hosts, because they hosted a high school girl from Rožaje, as well as their peers from Foča at the event.

In addition to singing competition, a school exhibition was organized, as well as a public debate on the topic “Entering the EU, Montenegro will have better protection of the natural environment, which will contribute to a more sustainable development of Montenegro”.

The festival program can be downloaded here.

See you at the next New Year Festival in Žabljak! :)


Grammar School ”Miloje Dobrašinović” Bijelo Polje - Secondary Mixed School “Jablanica”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project title: “Gimnazijalac”


At the second seminar held in Jahorina, high school students from Bijelo Polje and Jablanica decided to work together on the development of a school journal. High school students from Bijelo Polje had a slightly easier job considering that they had already created a journalistic section and that they issued a number of school leaflets in the previous year, called the “Gimnazijalac”. However, for their fellows from Jablanica this was a completely new experience and every help in creating the first issue “Mladost” was welcome.

At the beginning of the school year, the Newspaper section was re-formed, goals were set, duties divided, and work could have begun. A box was put in the hallway of the school for students and professors to put forward their suggestions and wishes about the texts they would like to read in their school journal. A large number of students were engaged in writing texts, reports, poems and articles. “Gimnazijalac” was becoming more and more complete every day and increasingly reflected the creativity, knowledge and dedication of high school students from Bijelo Polje. In order to take advantage of all the potentials and talents of the school in graphic design, the members of the informatics section of the school were involved too. At the end of December 2011, both school journals saw the light of the day and became the real representors of their names: “Gimnazijalac” and “Mladost”.


Grammar School “Stojan Cerović”, Nikšić- Secondary School for Tourism and Catering “Sarajevo”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project name: From our point of view


The aim of this project is to enhance the work of the student parliament and improve the image of the school. Project owners plan to get as many students as possible about the activities and significance of the student parliaments. Pupils in a student parliament need to recognize an organization that will help them solve problems and achieve goals. The school plans the training of a group of students - a photographer, a course of photography and a website update. An info desk will be set up in the school with the goal of providing students with a good knowledge about student parliament’s activities, current projects and opportunities for inclusion.