As part of the cross-border cooperation project for young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, propaganda materials - posters and brochure “Gather the team” were made, which emphasized the importance of the development of student parliaments in secondary schools and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The brochure “Gather the team” aims to stimulate and encourage secondary school students to actively participate in the establishment of student parliaments at the level of their school. The student parliament consists of active students who contribute both to pupils and school and to a more intensive relationship between teachers and pupils, participation of pupils in the creation of educational programs, etc.


“You want to change something in your school?

You want to do something for your school?

To socialize with your peers from all over Montenegro and beyond?

Do you have ideas and want to put them into practice?”


The publication “Youth in Joint Action” was created at the end of the project. It contains all the results of the project - the results of the conducted research on pupils’ activism and description of implemented projects, student parliaments from 10 Montenegrin and Bosnian schools.