“Active involvement of young people in the process of achieving social cohesion in the border region: Young People in Joint Action”

The first three-day seminar was held in the Hotel Riviera in Petrovac, with sixty children from ten schools from two countries who took part.

All participants of the seminar presented their students’ parliaments. In this way, participants could see how it works with their peers. Ideas have been created for some new actions, organization, and some future joint activities. Through training on project writing, the participants learned about the basics of project writing (problem analysis, indicators, sustainability). A group work enabled them to show their great potential, but also to gain self-confidence by presenting the results of their work to the whole group. The award for good results was a visit to Kotor. After a busy day, the whole group looked at the cultural and historical wealth of this coastal city. At the end of the seminar, “See you in Sarajevo” could have been heard.

“Active involvement of young people in the process of achieving social cohesion in the border region: Young People in Joint Action"

Thirty days of eager expectation of a new meeting and constant contact by electronic means were followed by a seminar on Jahorina. A completely new environment, but almost the same team and Bosnian-Herzegovinian hospitality, promised good results. Teams were formed consisting of two schools each from these two countries, which jointly implemented their projects almost to the end of the project. The participants themselves recognized the problems that are present at their schools (bad image of the school, unsightly yard, lack of school magazine). There were plenty of ides, as well as dedication and motivation, and the desire for learning was constantly present. Plans were being developed, activities were being planned, and even the first budgets were developed. The projects already have a structure formed. And a reward for the excellent work was a visit to Sarajevo and karaoke party. The participants were amazed by the afternoon spent in the city, which in such a subtle way connects the old and the new, the west and the oriental.

Seminars were completed long time ago, the new school year has begun, and our participants are still full of enthusiasm. The projects are being written, and they will soon be implemented.