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NGO Juventas organized a press conference on the occasion of the completion of the nine-month project “Gather the team”, funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy. The final press conference will be held on 28 May 2013, at 12.00 pm in PR Center, Josipa Broza 23A in Podgorica.

The conference presented the activities of student parliaments from four high schools in Montenegro:

Project “Gimnazijalac” - Student Parliament of the Grammar school “30. septembar” from Rožaje (the project for creating a school journal);

Project “Be a part of the team too!” - Student Parliament of the Secondary Mixed School “Danilo Kiš” in Budva (the project of arranging the school library);

Student newspaper “Naši dani” - Student Parliament of Secondary Mixed School “Bećo Bašić” from Plav;

Project: “State competition in electronics - use logic, get to know electronics” - Student Parliament of the School of Electrical Engineering “Vaso Aligrudic” from Podgorica.

The speakers at the conference were Marija Ružić, coordinator of youth programs in Juventas, as well as representatives of student parliaments of the participating high schools: Lahira Duraković (Rožaje), Nina Šćepanović and Jovana Vukmirović (Budva), Marko Nikezić (Podgorica) i Sanja Rajković (Plav).

The participants, members of student parliaments of their high school had the opportunity during the nine-month project themselves to write, develop and implement activities related to their student parliaments. It is important to note that these activities led to an increase in the number of students directly involved in the work of student parliaments. In addition, the students realized the true significance of high school activism. Being active in a society leads to acquiring new knowledge and skills, changing consciousness, acquiring friends, improving the quality of life, strengthening personal integrity. Activism emphasizes what is best in man, because it guides us to think about the developments that surround us, gives us ideas for improving the situation, but also gives us the power to persevere in our decisions and introduce some positive changes.