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 Representatives of the Secondary Mixed School “Danilo Kiš” from Budva, who are also founders of the Student Parliament of this school, decided to try to solve the big problem in the school by means of the mini grant of the project “Gather the team!” - arranging a school library. Trained and empowered at a seminar in Kolašin, they started to write and implement the project “Be a part of the team too!”. This fairly young and new student parliament managed to bring together a number of interested students and implement this project with high quality.

The main goal of the project “Be a part of the team too!” is to improve the educational content of the Secondary Mixed School “Danilo Kiš” and their accessibility to students. The school library, which was in a relatively poor condition, had a small amount of books and very modest means. A monotonous room where the school library is situated caused a lack of motivation among studens of this school to visit it, and for this reason it was most often avoided. For all of these reasons, aware of the huge importance of the library for school, education and places for young people, the student parliament of the school “Danilo Kiš” decided to design a school library. This project has enabled the student parliament itself, which was established within this project, to strengthen and start working.

In addition to buying new books, the student parliament of this school managed to establish cooperation with daily newspaper “Vijesti” and “Dan”, which donated a large number of school reading materials for high school. The capacities of the school library are now at the highest level and provide students with greater opportunities for obtaining quality information and literary guidance. We hope that the student parliament of the school “Danilo Kiš” will continue with similar nice and useful actions in the future.