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After the seminar “Gather the team”, a training on project writing and lectures on the significance of youth activism, the student parliament of the Grammar School “30. septembar” from Rožaje decided to write and implement a project for creating a school magazine “Gimnazijalac”. The student parliament of this school is very active and has implemented a great number of projects, showing activism and dedication of its members (Gim-fest - the first student festival in Montenegro, marking the International Day against HIV, International Human Rights Day, International Children's Day, Earth Day). The student parliament has about 50 permanent members, but other school students are also connected to the Parliament’s activities when needed.

The student parliament decided to create a school magazine “Gimnazijalac” through the project “Gather the Team”, because it is one of the means of information that every society needs, and on the other hand it can help the school and the pupil parliament to solve some of the problems in their work. By creating the magazine “Gimnazijalac”, the student parliament contributed to better provision of information for students on school events, activating a larger number of students in the work of the student parliament, familiarizing the general public with the work of the student parliament, promoting talented students and raising the level of activism among students.

Magazin "Gimnazijalac"