- A meeting of Montenegrin high school students with representatives of OBESSU -

OBESSU represents the cooperation between national high school students in Europe. The organization was established in 1975 in Dublin, Ireland, and currently gathers organizations (members and observers) from over 20 European countries.

OBESSU is a member of the European Youth Forum and works with the support of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. OBESSU represents the attitudes of high school students towards various educational institutions and platforms in Europe and advocates the improvement of the quality and inclusiveness of education and the position of secondary school students within the educational system in Europe. The current OBESSU headquarters is located in Brussels.

At the meeting, the work of OBESSU and the way in which it supports high school organization in South-East Europe were presented to participants. Guests from Finland, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina presented the work of the national unions of students’ parliaments of their countries, thus giving further guidance to the participants regarding the establishment of the Union of High School Students in Montenegro. Also, representatives of Juventas pointed to the importance of establishing such a union in our country in order to improve the quality of education in Montenegro, as well as offering professional assistance and support to high school students for its establishment.