On Friday 5 February 2016, in cooperation with the Housing Agency, Juventas organized the first informal Assembly of Residents at Konik Camp , which marked the beginning of the first round of workshops with adult Roma population.

The Assembly of Residents and all activities that will be carried out in the coming period including the adult population from Konik Camp represent part of the project activities which include workshops on strengthening the social skills. Through a series of visits, meetings and workshops, residents will be provided with information about their housing rights and obligations, as well as on emergency response, such as fire and earthquakes.

The meeting was held with residents of one of the newly constructed buildings. It was attended by 24 participants, including 3 Roma assistants, 5 representatives of Juventas and a representative of the Housing Agency. The Assembly was very informative, but it was also an opportunity for residents to agree on the way of using common areas in  the buildings and their own housing units. Representative of the Housing Agency, Lola Tuzovic, informed the residents in details on the legal obligations, elaborated on the documentation related to the settlement of obligations, and also stressed the obligations of the manager.

Representatives of Juventas also addressed the residents, who emphasized the necessity of maintaining hygiene both inside the apartments and the entrance, and outside of each residential unit. A workshop on the house rules was held, where representatives of Juventas distributed the Law on Social Housing to the resident, enabling them to become familiar with the housing-related rules and obligations.

Four more Assemblies of Residents and meetings with buildings managers are planned. Also, the Assembly will be followed by the implementation of a series of workshops on housing rights and obligations, and in cooperation with the Protection and Rescue Service workshops on how to respond in the event of bad weather, earthquake or fire.

This activity is implemented within the second phase of the project “Assistance Program for the Integration and Return of RAE and other I/RLs living in Konik”.

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