Within the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”, NGO Juventas team and students of social work and social politics who are undertaking a student practice in Juventas, carried out several informal activities with Roma children in the first half of June.

After six months of teaching at psychosocial workshops, Juventas provided children with a range of fun activities, in order to make them familiar with social and entertainment content that is not otherwise available on a daily basis through socializing.

These activities, including excursions and visits to the bowling alley, the cinema and the Rugby Club “Lovcen” that were organized for the children, were envisaged for children to learn that they have equal rights as other children and to experience the contents outside of the camp.

A special experience for children was a visit to the rugby club “Lovcen” and a joint training with the helpful hosts who also organized a small pedagogical workshop on behavior on the field and outside, as well as attitude towards others.

At the training, children were introduced with the rules of rugby games and learned about the importance of teamwork and socializing, as well as sports and fair behavior. As the hosts have said, the principles of this game are as important as life principles - cooperation, mutual support, respect for others are irreplaceable in building healthy relationships and a better society.

This activity is part of the second phase of the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”. This project is primarily important because it enables marginalized groups to participate in social life. Given that many have been deprived of the chances for a normal social life, the project aims to contribute to the social integration of Roma and their inclusion in the social and cultural events.