As part of the activities implemented by NGO Juventas with young Roma, another gathering was organized. This time it was a visit to the cinema at the Delta City Mall. Young Roma living in the refugee Camp Konik, together with their colleagues from Juventus, volunteers and students of social work and social politics that are undergoing a student practice in Juventas, had an opportunity to see the screening of the animated film “Sponge Bob Square Pants” in the Cineplexx cinema.

Since this was the first visit to the cinema for some children, they had the opportunity to learn from the employees how the cinema worked, how the movies are screened, how to buy tickets, and why the movies are loved. After a welcome and introduction, the children walked into the movie theater with enthusiasm and curiosity. After 90 minutes of the movie duration, we had a conversation with children who gave us a lot of positive impressions and showed a visible satisfaction with the movie.

This gathering, as well as all the activities that Juventas conducts at Konik Camp, are part of the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”, which has been implemented in the Konik neighborhood with the Roma population since November 2012. This project is particularly important because it opens the  possibility for marginalized groups to participate in social life. Given that many of them have been deprived of having a normal social life, this project aims to contribute to the social integration of Roma and their involvement in social and cultural events.