Young Roma who live in refugee camp Konik visited the National Park Lovcen where they spent a nice day with their colleagues from Juventas, enjoying everything that this park has to offer. The trip had primarily an educational character. Children, accompanied by teachers and curators, visited the museum and trails in the National Park, and learnt more about the specificities of plant and animal species from the area, the history of the park and the history of Lovcen.

As part of this one-day trip and visit to the National Park, children had the opportunity to visit the Adventure Park, and along with Juventas’s assistants and instructors from the Adventure Park, tried the tracks through which they overcame various obstacles adapted to their abilities. For the first time they experienced the tracks in the adventure park, but with the support of the assistants and the team of instructors, they managed to successfully overcome all the obstacles and had a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time.

This gathering, as well as all the activities that Juventas conducts at Camp Konik, are part of the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”, which has been implemented in the Konik neighborhood with the Roma population since November 2012. The activities of this project are particularly important, above all, because they open the possibility for marginalized groups to participate in social life. Given that many of them have been deprived of the chances for normal social life, this project aims to contribute to the social integration of Roma and their inclusion in social and cultural events.