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 As part of the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood", implementation of a new activity Help with homework has began. This time it represents a joint activity conducted by the Red Cross of Montenegro and NGO Juventas.

In the extended stay after school, a group of 25 school-age children in the refugee Camp Konik I worked on homework assignments and functional literacy. The activity is held in the premises of the Red Cross of Montenegro and is led by a teacher employed by the Red Cross. Assistance in the implementation of activities and logistical support provided by social workers and Roma assistants employed in Juventas.

The activity Help with homework includes 25 students from the refugee Camp Konik I and II. Students are divided into 3 groups, depending on school age and shift in school. They have been working with them since October 2015, working six times a week and for now good results have been achieved. Pupils with the help of teachers and assistants successfully do their homework. The emphasis is placed on literacy and basic mathematical operations. With each student, the work is individual and each one gets tasks that are adapted to their knowledge and abilities. Students who do not regularly attend school due to health problems are nevertheless involved in the project activities. They work with them several times a week and in this way preparations are made for extracting classroom classes.

This gathering, as well as all the activities that Juventas conducts at Camp Konik, are part of the project “Assistance for Integration and Return of RE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”, which is being implemented in the Konik neighborhood with the Roma population since November 2012. The importance of the activities in this project are, above all, the opening possibility for marginalized groups to participate in social life. Given that many have been deprived of the chances of normal social life, this project aims to contribute to the social integration of Roma and their involvement in social and cultural events.

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