A practice for students of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Podgorica (major Social Work and Social Policy) started in our organization in May 2015. The group consists of 21 students who will be involved in the activities of Juventas for two months. Student practice will involve the active participation of students in the administrative and fieldwork of the organization. Students will have the opportunity to get familiar with the ways in which they can practically apply the knowledge acquired at the faculty from certain subjects through their work with social workers.

During the practice, the presentations of our programs will be organized, meetings where they will be introduced with current activities, while special emphasis is placed on involving students in providing social counseling in the field three times a week during the course of the practice. The field work will be carried out primarily in the Roma Konik I and Konik II Camp where students will have the opportunity to observe the process of providing social counseling and mediation services, and organizing workshops and information sessions, and some of them will be given the opportunity to include volunteers in the further activities of the “Assistance Program for the Integration and Return of RAE and other I/DPs residing in Konik neighborhood”, implemented by HELP, in partnership with Juventas, Roma Education Fund, Legal Center, Red Cross of Montenegro and Danish Refugee Council.

Also, we recall that 1800 Roma and Egyptians (300 households) live in Konik camps and their surrounding, of which 300 women and 567 children, as well as about 500 other very vulnerable displaced persons living in Konik neighborhood. The population is faced with numerous challenges and the support of current and future social workers who understand the position and needs of this population is very significant.

It is also important to point out that the organization of professional practice for students at the Faculty of Political Sciences, which is evaluated with ECTS points, is an example of good practice that should be followed by other faculties at the University of Montenegro in order to improve the knowledge and business skills of students. Unfortunately, many faculty units have not made enough effort to provide all students with some of the possible forms of student practice - paid/unpaid, compulsory/non-compulsory, practices during a semester or practice in the summer, or practice as a compulsory part of specialist work.

We hope that the program of professional practice for students will continue, expand and further improve with the aim of enabling students to acquire the necessary information, as well as knowledge of real business environments, promotion of accountability, and the development of the so-called “soft skills”.