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Within the final conference of the project “Assistance for integration and return of RAE and other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood” held on 5 June 2014, a round table on the topic of Employment of RE population members was organized. At the round table, the representatives of Juventas and HELP presented the results of project activities and employment-related analyzes.

A representative of Juventus, Jelena Topalovic presented the study “Opportunities and Obstacles - How to Work?” which addresses issues of relevance for employment of the RE population, as well as analyzes of the current situation on the labor market. The presentation of the study was attended by more than 20 representatives of NGOs and government institutions who commented on the study and provided their recommendations to contribute to the discussion of the situation of the RE population in the field of employment.

Developing the study to analyze the employment of RE people is one of the steps taken to improve the situation of RE people in the long run. The study sought to point out the obstacles that stand in the way of employment of these persons, as well as the opportunities for improving their position. Some specific measures and activities whose implementation could contribute to reducing the vulnerability of the RE population in Montenegro were also proposed.