In order to implement the activities of the project “Assistance Program for the Integration and Return of RAE and Other I/DPs living in Konik neighborhood”, the Juvents’s project team held meetings with various target groups during December 2012 and January 2013, aimed at contributing to a better project implementation.

The meetings were held with psychologists who have experience in dealing with the Roma population, the camp sector leaders from Konik camp (who are in charge of informing the residents about activities conducted in Camp Konik), representatives of CEDEM, the Legal Center, the Ministry of Education and Sport of Montenegro, the Center for Social Work, the Red Cross, the MNE Forum, the Employment Agency, and the RAE network “Prva”. All meetings were extremely useful and resulted in established cooperation, useful information and expert advice. In addition, the project team conducted several interviews with Roma and Romani women from Konik camp, who are potential candidates for professional engagement in the implementation of this project. Namely, one of the goals of the project is the inclusion of the inhabitants of Konik Camp as Roma assistants who would help in the implementation of the project activities. Their involvement in the project is of great importance and we believe that the selected candidates will demonstrate expertise and be a clue between Juventas and Konik residents. Also, we are sure that the selected candidates will also help to improve their profession, as well as the situation they currently live in.

After the selection of Roma assistants, from February 2013, the project team carried out  20 psychosocial workshops that are intended for the Roma youth from Konik camp, aiming at raising the capacity of young RAEs for active inclusion in the life of the community through strengthening of social skills, work, developing responsibility for themselves and others, and using personal potentials.