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 On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day, on 9 December 2014, NGO Juventas and NGO Atak, in cooperation with the US Embassy in Podgorica, held a workshop with high school students and a public event titled “Stories of Everyday Ethical Dilemmas”.

The workshop “Stories of everyday ethical dilemmas” was held on 9 Decembar 2014 in the secondary school of electrical engineering “Vaso Aligrudic” in Podgorica. The workshop was attended by the second year students - 34 of them. In addition to the representatives of Juventas and US Embassy (Ison Sunshine, Marija Stajovic and Itana Kovacevic), the workshop was attended by participants of the Moth camp - Slavica Pavicevic (Danilovgrad), Milica Perovic (Podgorica), Mladen Rakonjac (Bijelo Polje), Marija Dedic (Podgorica), Dusan Prascevic (Danilovgrad), who shared their personal stories of everyday ethical dilemmas with students. We talked about rights in education, how we can identify and present some of our rights, needs, and challenges that we face during our aspiration to achieve what we want and/or what we think belongs to us. In addition, we also talked about the ways we think and make decisions when we feel that dear people/living beings are endangered. The workshop ended with a great response by the present students, who emphasized the strong transmission of messages in this way and personal learning, as well as the impact on behavior change, but also the prevention of corruption itself.

The public event “Stories of Everyday Ethical Dilemmas”, held at the National Library “Radosav Ljumovic”, was led by the well-known Podgorica actor Aleksandar Radulovic, who briefly referred to the date, its meaning and significance, and then announced the welcome speeches of Mrs. Ison Sunshine, Head of the Department of Media and Culture at the US Embassy in Podgorica, and Ms. Ivana Vujovic, Executive Director of NGO Juventas.

The welcoming speeches were followed by the selected stories of young people, who pointed to the various ethical dilemmas they were encountering with their personal experience, the ways in which they faced them and the lessons learned. They shared their stories with the audience: Zlatan Tutic (Rozaje), Sandra Rabrenovic (Bijelo Polje), Arlinda Osmanovic (Ulcinj), Klaudija Abat (Niksic), Borja Bojaj (Tuzi), Nikola Topalovic (Pljevlja), Jelena Petric (Bar) and Benjamin Sukalic (Ulcinj). Young flautist Milena Kankaras announced each story individually with the melodic notes of the flute. After the presentation of the participants, the trainer said a couple of words about the Human Rights Day that is marked on 10 December 2014, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was signed in 1948 and the need to persevere ourselves while fighting for them.

The photos of the successful public event “Stories of Everyday Ethical Dilemmas” are avilable: