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Cetinje, Zetski dom, 5 September 2014, at 8:00 pm.

Podgorica, KIC “Budo Tomovic”, 6 September 2014, at 8:00 pm.

The Youth Camp entitled “Stories of Everyday Ethical Dilemmas” which was conducted from August 31st to September 6th, resulted in two successful public appearances of young people from seven Montenegrin municipalities, winners of the essay competition.

The first public performance was held at Zetski dom in Cetinje on 5 September 2014. The welcome speech was delivered by Ambassador Sue Katherine Brown, a representative of the United States Embassy in Podgorica. The performance was led by Kate Tellers, representative of the American organization from The New York “The Moth”, which deals with stage art and has prepared participants for a public appearance. At the event, stories from personal experience was presented by an older group of young people: Arlinda Osmanovic (Ulcinj), Benjamin Sukalic (Ulcinj), Marija Dedic (Podgorica), Mladen Rakonjac (Bijelo Polje), Sandra Rabrenovic (Bijelo Polje), Slavica Pavicevic (Danilovgrad ) and Vladimir Djukanovic (Podgorica). Participants told their stories in Montenegrin, English and Albanian, with a translation provided for all participants. During their presentation, young people justified the confidence and expectations of trainers who prepared them for public appearances, which was accompanied by positive ovations.

The photos of the successful first public performance of “Stories about Everyday Ethical Dilemmas” are available on:

The second public performance was held at KIC “Budo Tomovic” in Podgorica on 6 September 2014, at 8:00 pm. The performance was also led by the fantastic Kate Tellers, representative of the New York-based organization “The Moth” that deals with stage art. Inspired by the stories of young people, Kate Tellers shared the story about the creation of “The Moth” with all the attendees. At this event, stories from personal experience were presented by high school students: Bora Bojaj (Tuzi), Dusan Prascevic (Danilovgrad), Jelena Milicic (Pljevlja), Jelena Petric (Bar), Klaudija Abat (Niksic), Milica Perovic (Podgorica), Nikola Topalovic (Pljevlja) and Zlatan Tutic (Rozaje). During their presentations, the participants once again showed that they were chosen to publicly present their stories with good reason, doing so in the best possible way and giving an example that a well-educated young person with the right ethical values ​​can contribute to the development of society.

The successful second public performance “Stories of everyday ethical dilemmas” is available on:

Both public performances have confirmed that young people are aware of disregard of ethical norms in our society. It is very important that they had the courage to publicly express their opinions and attitudes based on personal experience, hoping to inspire other young people and empower them to fight for ethically correct decisions, without fear of condemnation and criticism.