The Volunteer Centre is one of the most recognizable Juventas’s projects which involved hundreds of high school students so far. The work of the Volunteer Centre consists of meetings held once a week. The workshops are alternately held by members of Juventus, a psychologist, as well as guest lecturers in which the participants themselves participate.

The workshops are designed to promote non-formal education and interactive work, encouraging young people to participate actively in every segment of the work, expressing their thinking and developing ideas that often lead to new, very successful projects. During their participation in the Volunteer Centre, young people develop the skills of dialogue, critical thinking, gain new knowledge and experience, learn to be more tolerant of differences and effectively deal with prejudices and stereotypes.

Involvement with the Volunteer Centre brings the understanding of volunteerism as one of the basics of every healthy society, through which young people gain awareness of the importance of their contribution to society, as well as the benefits they receive in terms of personality development and acquisition of knowledge that will be used in future education and work. Of course, all this includes friendship and nice gatherings of participants who, after completing volunteer training, remain in contact, socializing and developing some new ideas, which is something that the Volunteer Centre has been recognized for all these years.