Program of promotion and protection of human rights has been established with the aim to protect the rights of those groups in society who are in greatest need. Activities that are realized under this program are monitoring and documenting violations of human rights, advocacy and lobbying for changes and improvement of legislative regulation. This ensures the realization of the fundamental human rights, creating a proactive environment in which members of vulnerable groups will actively fight for their rights and act independently. Juventas's work on the protection of human rights includes an active involvement of members of social groups whose rights are violated in all the activities that are carried out, as well as an involvement of the wider community and collaboration with state institutions, with the aim of achieving the best quality solutions.


Currently active projects:

1. Step Up!

2. Health and rights

3. Montenegro a bright spot on the gay map

4. Documenting the cases of violation of human rights of drug users

5. Monitoring of the Committee of Ministers Recommendation on measures to fight discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

6. Improving quality of services for LGBT people


Realized projects:

Montenegro - a bright spot on a gay map