The project “Accessible and adequate health care for all” was initiated by NGO Juventas, in September 2013, with the main goal to support and protect LGBT human rights in the area of providing health protection services in Montenegro.

Specific objectives of this program include sensitization and capacity building of at least 20 health workers and 20 medical students for their work with LGBT population, as well as increasing the level of tolerance and understanding for LGBT people and providing useful information about issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, with the aim to improve communication and relationships between doctors and patients.

The project was implemented in 2013 and 2014.

During the implementation of the project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Memorandum on Cooperation was signed with the Ministry of Health, resulting in successful cooperation in the field of human rights of LGBT people in the area of health and provision of health services.
  • Memorandum on Cooperation was signed with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro. By signing this Memorandum on Cooperation, the Faculty of Medicine encourages close cooperation on the activities which NGO Juventas implemented within their projects, on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit. Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro and NGO Juventas cooperate as partners in all areas of interest, guided by the principle of equal opportunities for all.
  • Training was conducted for medical professionals from all three regions of Montenegro, as well as two training sessions for students of the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica, University of Montenegro. These trainings confirmed that the topics covered in the training are important, but so far poorly treated segment of a continuous medical education and education of medical students. Once again, it was concluded that these and similar activities represent a very useful method for sensitization of medical workers and future medical workers for the purpose and medical issues related to different sexual orientation and gender identity, which contributes to a better relationship between doctors and patients, as well as raising the level of trust that LGBT people have in health care providers.
  • Campaign was conducted among medical professionals, dealing with the reduction of the level of homophobia/transphobia and the level of discrimination against LGBT people, as well as the implementation of good practice in working with LGBT population. The campaign materials included posters, postcards and stickers, which were distributed to health institutions in Montenegro. This campaign was supported by the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, by placing their logo on printed materials. The campaign materials are available on folowing link.
  • Anti-discrimination policy at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro, was created and adopted. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro is the first university unit in Montenegro which adopted Anti-discrimination policy that clearly treats the inviolability of the right to a safe and fair academic and working environment for all students and staff members, regardless of any personal feature, including explicit sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • A third, updated edition of the “Guide of good practice for medical workers in work with LGBT people”, as well as the first edition in English was created. The Guide of good practices was created as a response to the ingrained attitudes and prejudices to LGBT people. It is intended for interested medical personnel who want to know more about different sexual orientations and gender identities - through history up to the present, about the basic concepts, identities, common prejudices and misconceptions about LGBT community.

Our objective is to promote education, increase tolerance and understanding for people who are different and provide useful information that will contribute to better communication between doctors and patients. The publication is available bellow: [J2]


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