This is the first and only project to address HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in the MSM community in Montenegro. The implementation of the project has been in progress since 2006 and consists of providing services for 400 users per year on average.

Health and Rights is a project that Juventas has implemented since 1 September 2006, under the Montenegrin Government’s support program for implementation of the Montenegrin National Strategy for HIV and AIDS. The project is supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and is fully in line with the interventions envisaged by the aforementioned Strategy.

Health and Rights project is designed to promote sexual health and rights among the MSM population (men who have sex with men), but also to strengthen the capacity of activists in this field of work. The project is also based on the creation of a positive environment in Montenegrin society in terms of respecting the human rights of all our citizens regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The activities aimed at general population in Montenegro and reducing the level of homophobia in the society, the level of discrimination of MSMs, LGBT people, better access to information and promotion of the use of condoms and lubricants, and improving the availability of healthcare services for the MSM population include:

  • education of young people, activists, and professionals working as service  providers;
  • continuous field work (distribution of free condoms, lubricants, and printed material on sexually transmitted diseases across Montenegro);
  • setting up and continuously updating the website with the primary goal of providing information that will affect knowledge, as well as creating a proactive living environment.
  • establishing LGBT Drop in Centre, and its continuous work.

In February 2011, NGO Juventas opened the LGBT Drop in Centre. Since then, Drop in Center has been a place where LGBT people can create an inclusive and welcoming community in the environment in which they cohabitate. Apart from working in its surroundings, LGBT Drop in Centre is expanding its services through field work and sharing of condoms and lubricants, with the aim to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. It has also started initiatives related to building an inclusive society through collaboration with various institutions, organizations, public advocacy and policy advancement in order to enable the realization of rights and the preservation of the psychophysical health of LGBT community. The LGBT people who visit the centre speak about it as in their own home, and in the previous period they have created a visual identity, but also the slogan (“the same as when you come home” – provided by the users of the centre’s services). All this creates a friendly and pleasant atmosphere and a sense “one’s” own space.

Professionals engaged in the LGBT Drop in Centre have also created the “Working Paper of LGBT Drop in Center” as a significant document that Drop in Centre’s model of work, programs and activities within individual programs, which also provides information on administrative work and spatial technical capacities, and description of jobs of LGBT drop-in-centre employees.


Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria through the UNDP Office in Montenegro

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