Juventas is one of the oldest and most active youth organizations in Montenegro. From the very beginning in 1996, it brings together high school students and students who want to actively participate in social events and thus influence their future. To date, more than 1,000 young people have been engaged in the implementation of Juventas’s projects. Currently, more than 100 high school and university students are our members. One of the main activities conducted by Juventas is work with young people and implementation of activities that contribute to strengthening the capacity of young people and their activation in society.

Juventas tends to encourage young people to become more involved in their community, to freely express their opinions and ideas, as well as to use their potentials and create their future accordingly. The youth program of Juventas is focused on the following areas:

1. Conflict Resolution

2. Education

3. Human rights

4. Active participation

5. Sustainable development

6. Culture and the Arts

7. Healthy lifestyles

8. Media.

Juventas implement all its programs with the significant participation of young people, because the word “juventas” actually means the strength of youth and the protector of young people.

During this year, Juventas will continue with traditional projects, but it will also launch some new ones. Independently or through cooperation with organizations from the country and the region, we believe that the implementation of the projects will produce equally good results as in previous years.

The projects implemented by Juventas are:

1. European values for young people

2. Youth in a joint action

3. Volunteer centre

4. Participation in the “Youth in Action” program

5. Strengthening the capacity of student communities

6. Participation of young people - examples of good practice

In 2010, Juventas became a member of Youthnet - European Youth Network that represents a partnership between non-governmental organizations from the European Union, South-eastern and Eastern Europe, as well as countries from the Caucasus.

Youthnet aims to create a responsible society through the European Partnership which would have a positive impact on local communities involved in the project.