Juventas announces a call for enrollment in the new generation of the Volunteer Center! The program is intended for high school students from Podgorica and Danilovgrad. If you are interested, fill in and send an application form. The call will be open until 31st March 2014.

You can download the application form here.


Volunteer Center Juventas - Generation 2014


This year as well, NGO Juventas enrolled new members to the Volunteer Center Juventas, in which hundreds of active volunteers were involved over the past few years. About thirty applications, out of 67 received, were selected. Activities of the Volunteer Center lasted 5 months, from February to June 2014. The Volunteer Center program is implemented through various workshops that strengthen teamwork and provide young people with an additional formal education. The workshops focus on topics that are close to the youth, and they are lectured by a psychologist and Juventas educators.

The complete program was developed on the basis of many years of experience in working with young people and with the help of experts, and represents a kind of informal education for young people. In addition to various workshops, lectures and presentations, the Volunteer Center also has practical work.


Participants of the 2014 Volunteer Center Juventas had the opportunity to attend 22 workshops dealing with various psychological and social topics, which were of interest to high school students. The topics of the workshops concerned the encouragement of group cohesion and the acceptance of members, communication and the role of emotions in communication, prejudice and discrimination, peaceful resolution of conflicts, team work and its significance, formation of relations, identification and goal setting, etc. Volunteers also had the opportunity to attend lectures on human rights as well as seasonal employment, where lecturers were members of the Juventas team.

The work of the Volunteer Center was based on workshops that were held twice a week for 90 to 120 minutes. In addition to psychologists and lecturers who are members of the Juventas team, the participants had the opportunity to visit institutions where they could get all the necessary information they used for their further work, education and employment opportunities.

The workshops are designed to promote non-formal education, the importance of young people and their role in society. In addition to the knowledge they have adopted, the participants have made friendships, so we believe that they will remember their participation in the Volunteer Center for a nice gathering and developing common ideas. The volunteers also made their contribution by designed themselves the project “Cleaning the Gorica Hill”, which was implemented with the help of the Juventas team”, with the aim to improve the current state of the Gorica Hill.

After the completion of the training, volunteers of the 2014 generation will rest during the holiday, after which they will join the implementation of numerous Juventas‘s projects and actions that follow.